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Beware When Booking Your Driving Test

Hi All


I have a concern about a number of websites that offers a booking service for the Driver Theory and Practical tests on the island of Ireland.


This website has a high “Ad word” ranking on Internet search engines (Google etc.) and can be found at the top in the advertised sites relating to RSA searches.


These sites are charging an additional commission of €18 to €25 per test. The driving test fee that you should be paying is set by the Minister for Transport at  €85.

Only book your driving test through the official RSA website links available on the bottom of our home page.

The Official site is shown below.

RSA Booking Page for driving lessons in cork



The R.S.A. have initiated measures to limit the ability of these sites but ask that you advise you not to use these service providers. The RSA official site is quicker and easier to use and allows test date and time selection in certain test centres.


Please spread the Word.




Changes to Licencing & Laws 2013

Hi All

This year will see some major changes in the way you acquire your driving licence. Some of you will be affected and some wont. For those who it might not affect may still find this information useful for someone they know entering into the driving arena.

Driving Licence Format Change

From the 19th of January 2013 the Driving Licence will no longer take the form of a green or pink booklet. Instead it will take the form of a Credit Card size Plastic Licence. This is to match the standards they use across Europe.

You can exchange your old licence for a new one or just wait until yours is up for renewal. To do this, just check the date in the column go/to on your licence.


Driving lesson licence 2013 Cork

The New Licence for Ireland

Penalty Points for Learner Drivers

As of 2008 ALL learner drivers are to be accompanied by A full licence holder that has held that licence for at least 3 years. Failure was left decided by the Garda and a fine of up to €1000

Under new Rules agreed by the Government and Leo Varadkar in Dec 2012, these are the changes.

  • Learners driving by themselves will receive an €80 fine and 2 Penalty points
  • Learners not Displaying ‘L’ plates will receive an €80 fine and 2 Penalty points
  • If you receive 6 penalty points within a 3 year period, you will be banned from Driving for 6 months.

If you know anyone that this applies to, get them to book a driving test and driving lessons straight away. The only way to avoid these penalty points is to get a Full Driving Licence.  Arrange a Driving Lesson

Garda checking learner drivers in Cork

Licence Changes to Motorcycles

There are new Licence Categories for Motorcycles. Am, A1,A2 and A

You will now not be able to acquire a full bike licence (licence A) until you are 24 or if you have held an A2 licence for 2 years.

You will not be able to acquire an A2 licence until you are 18 or you have held an A1 Licence for 2 years.

An Am Licence must be applied for first in all cases and can do so at the age of 16 although they will be restricted to a speed no more than 45 kp/h

Changes to HGV Vehicles Presenting for a Driving Test

There are Many changes to this area. To Simplify it I have provided you with a link

HGV Driving Test Changes 2013



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