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Cork Road Conditions Terrible

Hi everyone.
After my last post about the floods in Cork, giving Driving Lessons in cork have become quite a challenge.
The reason being is that the floods have left the roads in an aweful state.
The size of the Pot holes on the roads around rural Midleton and parts of the city have started to increase so much so that cars are veering into oncoming traffic just to avoid damaging their cars. This in turn is counter productive because the likely hood of them hitting an on coming car is greater than them sustaining damage from the pot hole in the tarmac.
Only yesterday I was giving a driving lesson in Cork and another Driving Instructor had warned me that near one of the schools in Glanmire there was a massive hole in the Road and to avoid it at all costs.
Its becoming more of an issue the longer they go un-repaired.
So whats being done to fix the roads. Answer. Nothing Yet..
The Local authorities simply dont have the money to fix all of the problems with the roads in Cork. So driving them is going to remain difficult.

I urge everybody to slow down and adjust your speed to suit the road conditions.
You should also increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you to improve your visibilty of the tarmac.
If you see a puddle then assume that there is a strong possibilty that there is a hole underneath it.
Please dont swerve eratically to avoid pot holes in the tarmac. Simply slow down, use your hazard warning lights if necessary or better still, AVOID driving that road all together. Especially if you have prior knowledge of driving on that particular route.

Its always good to inform family and friends of issues on the road, but as always please do not text while driving.

For more information on Driving Conditions in your area you can check out

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