Driving Lessons….Why Bother?

So why would you bother with Driving Lessons ?
Why not just get a provisional Licence, buy a car, get some insurance and go driving ?

Heres The Reason Why Not

Driving on the road with out experience is very dangerous. People think that driving is easy but theyre wrong! Let me break it down for you.


Controlling a Car and driving are 2 different things.

  • Controlling a car is simple once you can get used to the pedals, gears and steering wheel known as PRIMARY CONTROLS.
  • Controlling a car on the road is alot more difficult….heres why?

Driving on the roads requires knowledge and experience. Driving Lessons will give you both.


It usually takes only a few driving lessons from an RSA (road safety authority) approved driving instructor to teach vehicle controls.

It takes us alot longer to teach you road behaviour.

There are so many variables on the road and a billion billion combinations of Hazards and potential Hazards.

Getting Driving Lessons is expensive…I agree. One of the biggest costs we have as Driving Instructors is Insurance. To Insure the vehicle for students that have no experience on the road is pricey….very pricey. Thus the reason you should get Lessons. Let us take the hit.


If you are out there driving around on a learner permit and have not had Driving Lessons from a reputable driving school or an RSA approved Driving Instructor then you should not be Driving alone.

If you have an accident through your lack of experience it will cost you big time for a number of years. Your vehicle damage may cost you thousands, your insurance premiums will increase severely and you will have a criminal driving record with the Garda.

Not to mention the impact this will have on your confidence.

Driving Lessons on the other hand are cheaper. ALOT CHEAPER!


Dont do it…Dont Drive around forever on a provisional licence or learner permit.

Book Driving Lessons today and get the advice, knowledge and experience from RSA Approved Driving Instructors, Go for your Driving Test, Aquire your FULL LICENCE and see the immediate savings in your wallet and have the peace of mind that you are a grade above all the in-experienced drivers out there.


Safe Driving



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