Cork Roads Flooded

Well? What happened? One minute the weather is starting to pick up and the next we hear that Douglas, Blackpool and Clonakilty are flooded beneath a meter of water.
This made driving around Cork today very dangerous. The flooding had caused debris from nearby ditches and drains to spill onto the roads.
So what can be done to prevent accidents while driving on Corks Flooded roads.
1. Slow down
2. Dont attemt to drive through deep water
3. Slow down
4. Find alternative routes and leave earlier.
5. Slow Down
6. Carry items like a blanket, some rain gear, a high viz jacket, energy bars, tow rope
7. Slow Down
8. Make sure your mobile is charged BEFORE leaving
9. Slow Down
10. Pool together when travelling (pardon the pun) This will reduce the number of Cars on the road thus reducing potential for an accident

Oh…and if I forgot to mention….SLOW DOWN. Theres hidden pockets of water everywhere.

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